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Helping women completely Rethink Love


We believe that in order to save modern relationships and improve the love health of the world, we must free her love.


We are a group of women and men who want to eliminate Cheating, Infidelity, and Affairs in all of its forms


Create 6 experiences that will guide women and their partner to unlock love via story-telling and interactive dialog

Welcome To The Save Love Experience

Fixing the love health of the world starts here

Save Love is our newest experience, created to share with women all over the world to help free them from their pain.

With our greatest challenge of completely eliminating one of the greatest ailments of modern society, Cheating, Infidelity & Affairs, Save Love is the first step for women to help stabilize their thoughts after the discovery of their partner’s actions.


Our Reach

Thousands of women and men all over the world have participated in our experiences with overwhelming success. We look forward to helping more individuals in relationships every single day.







Company Timeline

We came together with over 40 years of experience to build and refine FREE HER alongside real couples to ensure the best outcomes possible

May, 2013

It all started

Our team of relationship experts and individuals who have experienced Cheating, Infidelity, or an Affair got together to create a new way to think about love

August, 2016

Started FREE HER as a social platform

We created our first interactive social learning experience to gather stories and challenges from men and women to help refine our process and platform

March, 2019

Official Launch

Official Launch of our Save Love experience and the full FREE HER experience for women

Cheating, Infidelity & Affairs

Are you dealing with or have you dealt with cheating, infidelity, or having an affair? We’ve created a path for you. Join us today if you’d like to save your current or future relationship.

Our Experiences

Each of our carefully crafted experiences have been created to adapt to each level in a woman’s relationship and in what areas she’d like Rethink Love


Explore the wonder of love


Protect your relationship


Get back to forever love


Live a lifestyle of love

LOVE Join The World's Biggest Family

We strive for a world that advances modern relationships and that protects each member of a couple from falling into the trap of Cheating, Affairs and Infidelity. For those who do experience CIA, we’re also here to walk you through the journey to find true peace and love within yourself and your relationship.

Clients Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about how we’ve helped them and their relationships

When I found out about my husband's affair, it was devastating. I plummeted into a dark place and I struggled to know what to do or what to believe. The system that they have here works; I feel like I can breathe and we're working on our marriage every day.
Samantha B. Member
No one believes that the person that they're dating or married to will betray them... they will help make sure that you're not caught off guard and that if you are, you will be ok.
Tabetha S. Member
My relationship is so important to me and I want to make the best out of the 50+ years that I know we'll be together. With what they've created, it's shed a whole new light on how we live our lives together.
Annette P. Member

We're here for you at the very beginning of a new relationship

Preventing a partner from cheating, infidelity, or having an affair begins at the first start of a new relationship. We’ve created a path for you to ensure that your relationship is ready for the modern challenge of being the only one in your partner’s life.